Clothing Wearing Service!

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Want me to wear your favorite t-shirt, tie, sports jersey, or just about anything else?! Purchase THIS item, and upon purchase, send me your clothing item by mail to my PO BOX. Ill wear your item for up to 7 days (so it smells like me!), take pics in it, then return your item back to you with the photo set!

So c'mon, send me your button down work shirt, your tool belt, stethascope, yep, even your boxers, and Ill send them back worn with pics youll love!


Small print: I reserve the right to wash your clothing if its in unwearable condition when it arrives. I will also not wear anything obscene, racist, promoting drugs, or other possibly controversial items. Since you receive pics of me in your item, I want the item to look nice, so if those images ever escaped to the internet (as pics sometimes do...) they wont show me in a negative light. Thank you for understanding xo!