About Me


Im just me. A woman with a good heart, a strong desire to succeed in any adventure I begin, and a love of life. 


There are dozens of articles that tell you how I begin this career, late in life, my background as a business woman, and a woman who absolutely loves to please. So Ill keep this part brief.


I LOVE life. Happiness is how I describe my life. I CHOOSE happiness no matter what life brings, because I know I only get to live this moment ONCE. Find that spark of pleasure, of joy, of beauty, in every single moment of your life and you will begin to see why life is so amazing.


I love what I do for a living. It shows in every smile on my face, in every breath I take, and in everything I produce. My merchandise is created by me, sent off by me, and prepared, signed, worn, and even dirtied up for you, by me. Enjoy it knowing how much I love making it for you.


If you ever take the chance to meet me, with Snapchat or on my Onlyfans, know I hope I leave a lasting impression on you, as someone who takes life by the horns, is driven to succeed in any endeavor I choose to enter, and finds happiness in your company. 


Thats it, that me. I hope you love me as I am.  XOXO Anna